The NeuroClients Neurofeedback Marketing Platform harnesses the power of the Internet, the momentum of client success, the convenience of automation, and ties it all together in one central location for your ease of use!

The question is.. How do we do all this and make it easy? By implementing our 6 step system outlined below.

Step 1: Get Found

Using Local SEO, including Google My Business optimization, reputation management and retargeting, we help you increase your rankings and get found.

Step 2: Be The Obvious Choice

Having a strong reputation, conversion focused website, decent social media efforts and a strong offer helps ensure you become an obvious choice for the prospects looking for your type of business.

Step 3: Deliver A 5-Star Experience

This is where it all comes together and where you shine. You do all the fundamental things that ensure you deliver and help and thrill your clients/patients.

Step 4: Build A Stellar 5-Star Reputation

You earned it. So now use automated systems so you can get 5-star reviews from these happy clients. Not only does this help you build your reputation, these reviews help you get higher in the search results as reviews are a key ranking factor.

Step 5: Referral On Autopilot

You have helped them.. They left positive reviews. Now is the time to ask for a referral. And it can be done with automations

Step 6: Multiply Your Efforts

Using remarketing, all your website visitors can be followed up with automatically. And the cycle continues and grows.

Our Neurofeedback Marketing system works because we make it easy for you! We use the current trends in consumer behavior with automatic systems and tie it all together in one easy-to-use central location.

The following numbers show you exactly what is happening in the marketplace right now. Our neurofeedback marketing platform leverage these trends to your business advantage.

Local Search

  • 93% of consumers use the internet to search.
  • 34% search every day.
  • 90% of searches are for a local business.

Increasingly, Google is used more and more for finding local businesses.

Google is the new yellow pages

Clearly the world has changed since a listing in the yellow pages was what businesses did to get found.

The good news is most of your competition is not doing what is needed to get found leaving plenty of opportunity for savvy business owners.


  • 31% of searchers who find an online review regarding your company will go directly to the website.
  • 28% will continue to look for more reviews to assure themselves they are making the right choice.
  • The average customer needs to read 10 reviews before they are comfortable.
  • Reviews older than a month are not considered relevant.

The Amazon Effect

Sites like Amazon have trained us to look at reviews before making a purchase decision. 

Reviews are now an integral part of all small local businesses in today's connected world and you need a steady stream of positive reviews to really stand out and count.

And it is easier than you may think.

Review Responses

This is a really important area many people forget or avoid.

It’s easy to notice that a positive review came in and mentally thank your client. 

It’s also more comfortable to read a bad review and hope it just goes away. There is a better way.

In addition, your responses can help you rank higher in google by using keywords in your response.


Consider these statistics:

  • Of the people who look for and read reviews, 96% also read the response from the business.
  • 40% always read the responses.
  • And 20% of review writers expect a response within a day.

Monitoring what people are saying about your business is clearly critical.

Another problem is fake negative reviews. Especially on Google as Google reviews affect your search ranking as well as your reputation.

There is now a way to dispute these false Google reviews right within our platform quickly and easily.


A potential client will reach out to your company in a variety of ways and it isn't easy to be in all places and respond effectively.

Consider the options available to the consumer in todays world: Text, Email, now Google My Business messaging and calls, Facebook messenger, Instagram, and the last choice for many is the phone.

Comunications Hub

Simplify your lead and client communications.

With automations in place with our platform, it’s easy to ensure a quick response, anytime and anywhere.

Plus, with the central communications hub, there will be no more missed calls or forgotten messages.

All messaging in one easy to manage place.

We know that you are busy and wanting solutions that are simple to use and effective. That is exactly why we do what we do.

Our process is simple as well.

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