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Neuroplus Institute Serves The Naperville Area

Neuroplus Joe Serpe
Neuroplus Neurofeedback

The History

Dr. Serpe with NeuroPlus Institute came to us as an already successful neurofeedback practice.

The challenge in his business was not clients, rather it was the time and focus it took for his marketing. He was posting new ads on a weekly basis and didn't know how to interoperate the data.

And because he was so busy with his practice and the marketing of it, he was missing other opportunites on how to grow and had no time freedom.

The Results

We were able to take the daily efforts of marketing on so he didn't have to focus on it anymore.

We helped him with the following:

  • We created an "omnichannel" approach to his marketing.
  • Took over his Facebook ads. We lowered his cost and streamlined his process.
  • We started Google ads.
  • Set-up retargeting so he could follow-up with 100% of his site and funnel visitors.
  • Optimized his Google My Business profile so he gets more free leads.
  • Redesigned his websites and sales funnels.
  • Implemented automated follow-up campaigns to increase his results.

Now that we have taken the heavy lifting of marketing for NeuroPlus Institute, Dr. Serpe is able to spend more time enjoying life with his family, and as he says himself…”you’ve taken a big, big burden and worry off of my shoulders.”

Testimonial From Dr Serpe

Interview With Dr. Serpe

Alpha NeuroHealth Provides Neurofeedback In St. George And Area


The History

Randy at Alpha NeuroHealth was actively looking for ways to create traction for his neurofeedback clinic when he came across one of our facebook posts.

In the post, the question was asked…”Is your business full of clients, and are you booked into next week? If not, call and we can help”  

So in Randy’s own words - “Well, it wasn’t, so I did.” 

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a successful business!

The Problem

Randy had specific ideas regarding networking and marketing his neurofeedback clinic which were taking a long time to come to fruition.

In reality, were not working.

He was networking with other mental health professionals, posting on social media and doing what he thought would work. 

He was relatively new to Neurofeedback and developing a practice and just wasn't seeing the results.

The Results

Using our platform, strategies and expertise in digital marketing for neurofeedback, Randy was able to grow fast. From an almost standstill to 5 figures a month with a short time. 

In addition, adding automation to the marketing mix, as well as a variety of communications platforms including text, SMS, emails, review management and now Google My Business and Facebook messaging conveniently in one central hub, Alpha NeuroHealth’s processes were simplified and streamlined. 

Randy has been able to focus on his business needs, and is currently growing his neurofeedback practice to include other alternative-health professionals in order to give his clients the best advantages possible.

Randy's Testimonial

Interview With Randy
Randy Alpha NeuroHealth Testimonial For NueoClients

Randy Christensen

Founder Of Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic

I have been working with Paul and his company for a few years now. I have found that Paul will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, he does not hold back....he is brutally honest. 

He has your best interest at heart, he is a true partner. I have found him to be one that thinks outside of the box. He is willing to listen to you and help you make the best decision for your company. 

He is responsive, even answering his phone on the weekends, when many a business owner has time to think and plan. 

He understands the Neurofeedback business, he knows how to tell compelling stories that helps new clients/patients want to meet with you. 

I do not hesitate to recommend Paul and his company for your marketing needs.

SanoState Serves Calgary And Edmonton Area

Neuroclients, sano state, sanostate

The History

Blake started with us back in the fall of 2018.

At the time, Blake was running a small office in Calgary, Ab; and was working to expand into Edmonton.

Already a registered psychologist, Blake had been using neurofeedback in his practice for 5 years. And while his business was working, it wasn’t growing like he wanted it to. So the problem he faced was; how to get the word out? How to get the right people coming to his clinic.

That was the challenge he faced when he came across an ad for NeuroClients.

Our Solution

We started by building out his campaigns and automations and then setup the right kind of ads on Facebook to get the right people to the pages we built.

We also redid his website and are moving into an "omnichannel" approach meaning we are using Google ads + Retargeting so he is not reliant on one single source of traffic.

The Results

Blake really put the system to work! He followed the plan, used the strategies and built his business.

With our help, Blake took his small 1-person team and built it into a 15-person, 3 location business.

He’s doubled his revenue every year since starting with us and he’s not stopping there.

Blake has plans to build Sano State into the #1 Neurofeedback Clinic in all of Alberta with multiple locations!

A Testimonial After Just A Few Weeks With Us

Blake's Testimonial

After a few weeks of starting with NeuroClients

Interview With Blake

2 1/2 years later

Open Mind Wellness Serves Waterloo Ontario And Area

Openmind Wellness
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Neuroptimal, neurofeedback, neuroclients
Nueorptimal, marketing, neuroclients, neurofeedback

Jake has grown his NeurOptimal® practice from a small office in a Physiotherapist office to a multi-disciplinary alternative health clinic with 4 staff members.

The History

Jake was first introduced to us in the fall of 2017.

At the time, Jake was struggling to keep his small neurofeedback clinic up and running.

Having a solid background in kinesiology and being a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, he felt that brain function was a much needed part of overall health. Neurofeedback had the power to improve people’s lives and enhance the work he did with physical health.

Being ambitious and having a desire to help others, he was tired of scraping by and working out of another health clinics small office. His vision was much bigger than that and he wanted help.

But like many of the people that come to us, Jake understood that marketing was vital to his business growth but it was not something he knew how to do in an effective way.

So when he discovered a marketing agency that specialized in alternative health, and understood what he did for clients, he took advantage of the skill-set and platforms we have.

We were able to set him up with customized platforms, automated many of the systems for advertising, email marketing, and follow up. In doing so, we freed up Jake’s time to do what he loves best, helping his clients and building his business.

The Results

Within a few short years, Jake has built has expanded twice from a one-person neurofeedback business to now a multi-discipline, alternative health clinic with 4 team members.

He now has time to work ON his business rather than just IN his business and is utilizing the tools we have given him to simplify and grow.

Interview With Jake

Jake Robinet

NeurOptimal And Alternative Wellness Clinic

I've been using Paul and his company for 3 and a half years now and they are a major reason I am still in business today. 

To hand off the vital job of marketing my business so I can focus on my clients has been a game-changer for me and my business. 

 I'm so happy I found an agency that understood brain training specifically as I believe that is why we have been able to succeed, grow and help change so many of our clients lives with neurofeedback. 

Highly recommend to any full-time, passionate business owner