The reality is - getting neurofeedback clients can be difficult. There are hundreds of businesses opening up every day. The competition for new clients is high, and customers and clients have a lot of choice.

Our job is to make it easier and simpler for you to get clients for your neurofeedback business without spending thousands a month to a marketing agency. The hidden truth about most marketing agencies is this;

Most small neurofeedback businesses cannot afford the high retainers that most marketing agencies charge.

Out of thousands of marketing agencies that charge a monthly retainer, the average churn rate is 66%. This means that the average length of time a client stays with a marketing agency is 2 months!

When you consider the monthly retainer, and the setup fees, that is a concerning statistic!

We set out to change this for our neurofeedback clients. And it is exactly that kind of Thinking-Outside-The-Box that has guided us to develop our software and systems.

We believe in it. Our clients love it. Their patrons benefit from it.

We are here to help you grow your neurofeedback business. Our support team is live. Your questions are answered by a real person.

We specialize in software solutions COMBINED with low cost marketing. That means your business has our attention.

We believe in doing what we love and bringing our best to the task at hand 6 out of 7 days. (The 7th day is a crapshoot…... will we be there….. and if we are, will we be working at our best…..most likely not)

Neurofeedback Business's That Are Tired Of Expensive Agencies, Poor Results And Empty Calendars!

Who we help would include traditional qEEG neurofeedback providers, NeurOptimal®, TMS providers and other closely related business types.

The right kind of business is one that has a desire to grow, want's to develop a stronger online reputation, can help their clients or patients and one that is willing to learn their way around around our platform. (With help of course)



Chief Cook And Bottle Washer

It was while working in the oilfields of Alberta Canada, that Paul found his passion: in the Health and Wellness field.

And it was while building and marketing an Alternative and Complementary Wellness company that Paul discovered his real deep down passion, neurofeedback.
Paul has felt the power of neurofeedback in his own life, and witnessed it time and again with family members. 
Being truly committed to the growth of the industry, Paul is a silent partner in a small clinic in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC Canada.
Paul is the President and Chief Decider of All Things NeuroClients. 
His cardinal business motto is “Get Our Clients More of Their Clients”.
Trudy HEadshot


Chief Copywriter

Trudy can’t remember a time in her life that she didn’t enjoy reading….and out of that came a love of words.

The written word, the spoken word, the correct usage of words, and where words come from. (Not so much punctuation though….)
Now as Chief Copywriter she gets to spend her days writing and communicating her ideas.
As Vice-President of Questions her motto is “Who, What, Where, Why and How Can We Make This Better?”
If Trudy isn’t at her computer working on a project, she can usually be found with a dog. Or running. Or in a Mud and Obstacle course.


Social Butterfly

During a foray into the world of retail clothing, Natasha discovered what she did not want to do. So she took a long vacation to central Asia and discovered her love of travel and social media.

Growing up in the age of technology, she brings a fresh and intuitive understanding of the power of the social networks. 
As our Specialist in All Things Social Media, Natasha has been a huge asset to our small and dynamic team and is now an expert in local search.


Chief Of Getting Things Done

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Duane successfully managed oil and gas construction projects in Western Canada for over 20 years.

Throughout this time, although making a good living and enjoying what some would consider a "successful career" he always felt he could better direct his energies into something more than just helping to fatten the bank accounts of the big oil company executives.

In February 2018 the stress of all those years of managing large projects finally began to affect his sleep. By June of 2018 it had escalated to full blown insomnia almost every night and along with it, uncontrollable anxiety.
Thanks to the suggestion of his long time friends Trudy and Paul, Duane decided to give neurofeedback a shot and after just a few sessions the insomnia was corrected and the anti-anxiety meds were in the garbage!
Duane has since brought his previous management and tech skills to Neuro Clients as Chief of Getting Things Done and Person To Talk To About Getting Things Done.
Having experienced first hand, the benefits of neurofeedback, Duane now has a mission to help as many people as possible learn about this amazing approach to correcting brain based issues. 
The best way to do that is by providing the support you need to grow your neurofeedback agency...helping you to help those that need it!