The Simple Gameplan Smart Neurofeedback Professionals Use To Generate A Steady Stream Of Qualified Leads
(Without Having To Figure It Out Themselves)
So you want to grow your business.
But things aren’t going as well as planned. Are they?

Right now, most neurofeedback professionals:
  •  Are tired of the company rhetoric on how to build a successful business.
  • ​Don’t have a solid lead-management system in place to handle new leads before closing them.
  • ​Have been ripped off in the past and charged for leads they never even received.
  • ​Are tired of newbie marketers who have no idea how to get them quality leads in a scalable way.
  • ​Have tried to generate leads on facebook themselves but got little to no results.
  • ​Feel that they might be behind the times with their lead generation and want to get caught up.
  • ​Want a simple, reliable system that generates quality leads on demand! 
Sound Familiar?
Neuro Clients is on a mission to help neurofeedback professionals hit BIG numbers this year - and we’ve set up a system to do just that!

We’re looking for 50 Neurofeedback Professionals that want to transform their business and want a simple lead generation pipeline that runs practically on demand.

With our multiple campaigns at the same flat rate and our signature ‘done for you’ full lead-management system set up and maintenance, we’ve helped many of our clients close more sales and optimize their process practically overnight!

So what’s the catch?

We aren’t speaking to just anyone...
This opportunity is ONLY for those who:
  • ​Have some experience and are able to convert appointments to clients consistently
  •   Are ready to grow and are wanting more success
  • ​Are willing to learn and put some effort into new ideas
  • ​Need a proven automated follow-up system to scale your closed loans
Note: This is NOT for:
  • ​Neurofeedback providers who are new to the business
  • ​Those that are closed minded and feel they don't need to learn anything
  • ​Have a business solely built off of referral partnerships and don't want to scale from that
  • ​Aren't willing to give an incentive to attract the right leads
If all of this sounds like you, simply apply below to book a 30 minute, no-obligations strategy session with us.

We can only take on 50 new clients in order to focus 100% of our efforts on our most dedicated clients and their success.

Our program is designed to:
  • ​Produce a steady stream of qualified leads 
  • ​End worry and overwhelm when it comes to generating leads
  • ​Give a system that can be used over and over again to continuously generate income long-term
  • ​Help create a solid business that isn’t dependent on lead ‘hand-outs’ or ‘hope and pray’ marketing.
  • ​Allow our clients to focus on doing what they do best with ease, not get bogged down in marketing.
We do the heavy lifting so our clients don’t have to!

This is only for Neurofeedback Professionals who are committed to success.

If you’re not committed to get out of your comfort zone and commit 100% to the challenge, please do not claim one of these 50 spots. 

This is for serious business owners only!